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When Will My Order Arrive? UK: 5- 7 days EU Surface: 2-3 weeks EU Air: 1-2 weeks Non EU Surface: 2-3 weeks Non EU Air: 1-2 weeks Middle East/Africa/Japan Surface: 4- 6 weeks Middle East/Africa/Japan Air: 2- 3 weeks These periods do not allow for any customs clearance difficulties that may arise (Non EU countries only) that are beyond our control.

Goodfellow Publishers is a highly flexible multichannel international academic and professional publisher for Business and related areas. 272487 visits

We publish book and online projects with a range of authors internationally in Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Events and more general management.

Testimonials - what our authors say about us.... "You did say you were going to challenge the existing publishers and you certainly succeeded so far for me...Quite astonishing and very much appreciated!" Professor John Tribe, University of Surrey, UK and Editor of Annals of Tourism Research and author of Strategy For Tourism (Goodfellow Publishers) "For my part it has been a real pleasure to have worked on this book and I am seriously impressed in the way it has been handled by yourselves.

Welcome to our website. We are rapidly building our portfolio of new book and online products which will begin to feature on the site over the coming months. 30105 visits

In the meantime, if you wish to register, please do so using the 'create an account' button above. Please email us if you have projects, comments or suggestions you would like to discuss.

At Goodfellow Publishers we are committed to high quality international publishing across the business and media spectrum. Our core skills lie in understanding the shaping, positioning, packaging and marketing of high quality information products for the

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