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Open Access

Goodfellow Policies and Practice

Goodfellow Publishers are committed to the rapid and global dissemination of the hospitality, tourism and management research that we publish. We therefore also publish selected materials via Open Access (OA). This can be in the following formats:

  • Individual e-chapters in an edited volume
  • Entire edited eBook
  • E-version of the monograph

Every OA publication will need 2 licences:
  • An exclusive author or editor agreement giving us the rights to publish and disseminate the book, or a contributor agreement for individual chapters.
  • A Creative Commons user licence dictating how readers can use the published book or chapter.

We recommend selecting an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) licence. Under this licence, your work can be freely downloaded and shared, but you as author must be credited. In addition, no change or commercial use is allowed. Please also note that authors will need to check on the preferences of their funding body (if applicable). For more information on other licence options and complying with funding directives, please click here https://creativecommons.org/.

In order for us to sustain our Open Access publishing model, we need to subsidize our production, editorial and marketing costs, and loss of revenues, by charging a fee. This is calculated on the costs of the individual project.

Peer Review
All materials published by Goodfellow Publishers are independently peer reviewed to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. The standard peer review procedure is to send the author’s /editor’s proposal, table of contents and specimen material (when available) to at least two (ideally five) independent external reviewers. This is under double-blind peer review conditions. The reviewers’ advice and recommendations are then sent to the author/editor for comment and any issues are addressed. Often the proposal is then reviewed once more, and all proposals are customarily required to have at least two positive peer reviews before a contract is offered to the author.

OA publications will be available as a freely downloadable electronic publications direct from the book’s page on our website, as well as other OA libraries such as the Database of Open Access Books (DOAB), OAPEN Library and Google Books.

Print copies will be available for purchase on a print-on-demand basis via our website and all our usual commercial channels. A net receipt royalty will be applicable on any sales as per your publishing agreement.

To discuss further, please contact Sally North, Editorial Director, via email at sally.north@goodfellowpublishers.com

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