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The Story of Hilton Hotels

'Little Americas'

Barbara Czyzewska

ISBN: 9781911396796 HBK; 9781911396802 PBK; 9781911396819 eBook

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The Hilton brand is arguably one of the most successful and iconic brands in the hospitality industry in all time. The Story of Hilton Hotels: ‘Little Americas’ provides both an informative historical analysis of the development of the company, as well an engaging narrative about Conrad Hilton himself, illustrating how he fulfilled the typical American dream of rising from rags to riches and constructing a multinational hotel empire.

The Story of Hilton Hotels: ‘Little Americas’ also engages with the wider historical contexts of politics and culture. It analyses some of the key shifts in the area of hotel management including standardisation, asset-light models and delivering the customer experience. Using original data and the first hand academic research the author can use this iconic hotel brand as a lens through which to analyse some of the key theoretical concepts and practices that are used in the industry today.

A vital resource for all students (both postgraduate and undergraduate) on hospitality, marketing, business history and business management courses as well as executive courses delivered to hospitality professionals.

Publication June 2019

About the authors

Dr Barbara Czyzewska is Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism at the London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism, University of West London, UK.

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