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About David Botterill

David Botterill is a freelance academic and higher education consultant and Professor Emeritus in the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, University of Wales Institute Cardiff. He has worked with a number of external and industry partners including Tourism Concern, the Wales Tourist Board and the Tourism Training Forum for Wales and held research leadership positions at UWIC for 15 years, most recently in the Cardiff School of Management. David is a reviewer for several publishing houses and external assessor of research quality for universities and research bodies. He is Associate Director for the Higher Education Academy Network for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism.

Tourism and Crime 32800 visits

Key Themes

ISBN: 978-1-906884-14-7

…this book is unique because it brings together tourism scholars, criminologists, and social scientists with diverse backgrounds. The result is a cohesive and comprehensive piece of work, which encourages a potentially fruitful dialogue between tourism studies and criminology.

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