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Chapter 6 Portfolio Evaluation and Impact Assessment

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-911396-91-8-4205

ISBN: 978-1-911396-91-8

Published: September 2019

Component type: chapter

Published in: Event Portfolio Management

Parent DOI: 10.23912/978-1-911396-91-8-4260



The purpose of this chapter is to introduce and explore the main event port- folio evaluation and impact assessment methods. The principles of financial portfolio management are discussed, considering their applicability to event portfolio evaluation, which should be done with caution, as events are not merely financial assets. The chapter highlights that the evaluation of event portfolios is complex, requiring new theories, methods and measures. To develop a comprehensive evaluation system, it is emphasised that there is a need for a multi-stakeholder approach to valuing event portfolios, considering both intrinsic values and extrinsic measures of worth. The chapter discusses four types of impact assessment and their application to portfolio evaluation. Key terms and concepts are explained, including value, evaluation, impact assessment, asset, outputs, and outcomes. The relevance of organisational ecology theory to portfolio evaluation is stressed. The nature and use of logic and theory of change models are examined followed by a discussion of portfolio strategy models and their relevance to evaluation. Finally, it is illustrated how to assess values against costs and risks within portfolios.

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Published in Event Portfolio Management

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