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The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business 2/e

Paul Slattery

ISBN: Hbk 978-1-906884-66-6 Pbk 978-1-906884-67-3

"The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business, Second Edition is an excellent piece of scholarship that industry participants would be well advised to consider in their strategic planning."
Taken from Economic transformation drives Latin America’s lodging industry, An industry white paper, September 2013 Jones Lang La Salle

"For someone as devoted to the business as me, it is fascinating."
Sir David Michels, formerly Chief Executive, The Hilton Group
"Invaluable for analysts and corporate financiers forecasting the hotel business."
Simon M. Johnson, investment banker, UBS
"This will be a classic."
Michael Olsen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech, USA

The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business is about the hotel business and the economic contexts in which it has evolved. Now in its second edition, it is fully updated throughout and incorporates the monumental changes in the economic landscape of recent years and their effects on the hotel business. It also includes a new chapter which examines the options for the world economies, their implications for the hotel business and their impact on hotel chains in the decade to 2020.

Slattery illustrates that over the past 250 years the structural ascent of economies has driven the economic ascent of the hotel business to reach a global replacement cost of $3 trillion. As the structure of the world economies ascend from agriculture through the industrial, public service, service business and experience business segments so hotel demand and supply grows and diversifies and hotel chains emerge and grow to dominate the business. Slattery projects that by 2030, global hotel room stock could double to 30 million, the global major chains could triple to 12 million rooms and global replacement cost could triple to $9 trillion.

  • Fully updated and revised 2nd edition includes a brand new chapter which examines the options for the world economies, the hotel business and hotel chains in the decade to 2020;
  • Provides a review of the structural development of economies from the historic agricultural period to modern service business economies;
  • Tracks events at each economic stage to illustrate that the patterns in hotel demand and supply that emerged were a reflection of the structural developments of the economies;
  • Draws on extensive data to track the development of international hotel chains and link them to the structural development of economies;
  • Provides a more comprehensive and effective interpretation of the dynamics of hotel demand and supply;
  • Enables greater effectiveness in the big investment decisions about the hotel business.

Essential reading for hotel executives, their advisors and investors, and a vital resource for those studying the hospitality industry.

Reviews of the first edition

“In The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business ... Paul Slattery gives warning that when the American and British economies recover from recession, not all the markets that hoteliers had relied on previously will return to pre-credit crunch levels.” The Times To read the full article, go to http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/leisure/article6841780.ece

“… a detailed analysis of how the hotel industry has emerged and the economic and social changes that have driven its growth.” The Hotel Analyst, Volume 5 Issue 4. To read the article in full, go to www.hotelanalyst.co.uk

“…this very readable book is essential for hospitality managers, hotel company executives, investors and stakeholders for its insights into the current state of the industry and where growth opportunities exist.” Know-how: the CPD Newsletter of the Institute of Hospitality, Issue 15, November/ December 2009

Contents: Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; The case for the book ; Chapter 1 Economic Structure; Chapter 2 Historic Agricultural Economies and the Hotel Business to 1750 ; Chapter 3 The Industrial Revolution and the Hotel Business: 1750–1850 ; Chapter 4 Economic Developments and the Hotel Business: 1850–1900 ; Chapter 5 Critical Events and the Hotel Business: 1900–1945; Chapter 6 The US Economic Structure and Hotel Business: 1945–1960; Chapter 7 European Economic Structures and Hotel Businesses: 1945–1960; Chapter 8 The US Economic Structure and Hotel Business: 1960–1980; Chapter 9 The European Economies and Hotel Businesses: 1960–1980; Chapter 10 The US Hotel Business: 1980–2010; Chapter 11 The British Hotel Business: 1980–2010; Chapter 12 Continental European Hotel Businesses: 1980–2008; Chapter13 The Economic Ascent of the Hotel Business: Options to 2020; Summary and Conclusions ; Bibliography; Websites; Index

About the Author

Paul Slattery is a Director of Otus & Co Ltd corporate financial and strategic advisors to the hospitality and travel business. Previously, he worked for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) for 15 years until 2002, establishing its reputation as one of the market leaders in hospitality stockbroking and investment banking. Prior to that he was an academic at the University of Huddersfield where he led the BA(hons) Hotel and Catering Administration and was responsible for management research at the Hotel and Catering Research Centre. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and writes regularly for academic and industry publications as well as speaking at international hospitality industry conferences.

Pub Date: March 2012

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