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International Tourism Futures 5191 visits

The Drivers and Impacts of Change

Clare Lade, Paul Strickland, Elspeth Frew, Paul Willard, Swati Nagpal, Sandra Cherro Osorio, Peter Vitartas

ISBN: 9781911635222 HBK: 9781911635239 PBK: 9781911635246 eBook

Examines influential factors such as the demographic, political, economic and technological changes, which will affect the nature, trends and participation in tourism, hospitality and events.

2583 visits

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Contemporary Tourism: an international approach 4th edition 18118 visits

Chris Cooper, Michael Hall

ISBN: 9781911396765 HBK; 9781911396772 PBK; 9781911396789 eBook

Now in its fourth edition,it discusses issues such as overtourism, advances in AI and its impacts, waste management and environmental crisis, the sharing economy and Airbnb, the tourist experience and product development.

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Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism 2nd edition 30529 visits

Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson

ISBN: HBK: 978-1-911396-45-1 PBK: 978-1-911396-46-8 EBOOK: 978-1-911396-47-5

A fully revised and updated new edition of this bestselling and a unique text that explains not only the theory behind the importance of customer service, but also acts as a guidebook for those wishing to put this theory into practice.

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Winter Sport Tourism 34444 visits

Working in Winter Wonderlands

Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson

ISBN: 978-1-910158-39-5 hbk; 978-1-910158-40-1 pbk

A complete insight into the ever-growing snow sports industry, looking at changing demographics, climate change and how these issues can be managed.

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Golf Tourism 2nd edition 54340 visits

Now in paperback!

Simon Hudson, Louise Hudson

ISBN: 978-1-908999-94-8 pbk; 978-1-908999-93-1 hbk

Golf continues to represent the largest sports-related travel market valued at £30 billion with over 50 million golf tourists travelling the world to play on some of the estimated 40,000 courses. Golf Tourism is the leading text for both students and practitioners and the completely updated and revised new edition discusses the all latest issues.

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