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Chapter 6 VIP Hospitality Packages – Style over Substance

DOI: 10.23912/9781915097101-5230

ISBN: 9781915097101

Published: May 2022

Component type: chapter

Published in: Events Mismanagement

Parent DOI: 10.23912/9781915097101-4980



This chapter advocates the importance of effective communication by exploring examples of VIP/hospitality event packages where experiences fail to meet consumer expectations. VIP event packages have received limited academic coverage, with luxury hospitality in particular identified as an area requiring future research (Heyes & Minor, 2021). Upselling or augmenting standard event tickets, such as via ‘Meet and Greet’ options, is a method used by event organisers to create more luxurious experiences and opportunities to participate in the event (Swarbrooke, 2018). Ticketmaster (2019) states that a “VIP package is when artists offer exclusive packages for an unforgettable concert experience”. The additional spend on VIP/Hospitality over face-value tickets will likely heighten attendee expectations, as VIP experiences “cannot possibly be the same as [for] other guests or customers” (Getz, 2007:194). VIP Nation (2019) website positions packages with phrasing evoking prestige, for example using phrases such as ‘best seats in the house’ and ‘exclusive’ which appeals to the corporate market and general public alike. Often focused on the affective or emotional achievement of attendees, experience-driven events outcomes are generally high-end or premium priced. These are commonly applied to corporate, music or high-profile festivals, as well as large-scale hospitality events including banquets and weddings. Sensory stimulation promoting attendee memories often occurs via the event’s ambiance, decor, service provision and technology (Bladen, 2021). However, are expected consumer experiences being delivered effectively, especially in relation to VIP offers?

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