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About David Newsome

David Newsome is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Science at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. His principal research interests are geotourism and the biophysical impacts of recreation and tourism in protected areas. Professor Newsome’s research and teaching focus on the sustainable recreational use of landscapes and the assessment and management of tourism activity in protected areas. He is the lead author of two books Natural Area Tourism: Ecology, Impacts and Management and Wildlife Tourism and coeditor of both Geotourism (2006), a book which has helped set the scene for the emergence of geotourism as a distinct discipline within the area of natural area tourism, as well as Geotourism: the Tourism of Geology and Landscape (2010).
Together with Ross Dowling, he has edited five books on geotourism:

  • Geotourism (2006) Ross Dowling and David Newsome (eds), Butterworth Heinemann, UK
  • Inaugural Global Geotourism Conference Proceedings (2008) Ross Dowling and David Newsome (eds), Promaco Conventions, Australia
  • Geotourism: the Tourism of Geology and Landscape (2010) David Newsome and
Ross Dowling (eds), Goodfellow Publishers, Oxford.
  • Global Geotourism Perspectives, Ross Dowling and David Newsome (eds), Goodfellow Publishers, Oxford.

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