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Chapter 7 ‘Invisible’ impacts and hybrid spaces of nature based events, the case of a trail running marathon Fjällmaraton in Sweden

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-915097-34-7-5409

ISBN: 978-1-915097-34-7

Published: April 2023

Component type: chapter

Published in: Cases For Event Management and Event Tourism

Parent DOI: 10.23912/978-1-915097-34-7-5386



In this case study we illustrate the interplay of social-ecological factors and uncontrollable processes in an event context. We focus on trail running, the popularity of which is on the rise, and scrutinise the case of a nature-based event – the mountain trail running marathon Fjällmaraton in Sweden. We introduce pedagogical and theoretical perspectives of new materialism and the Anthropocene, building on the ontological stance of hybridity of social-cultural systems. To understand the role of events as active agents of the Anthropocene we focus on infrastructure and feral effects. By looking at the unintended consequences, we discuss the limitations of managerial frameworks, unable to account for processes beyond the control of event planners, entangled in the complex social-ecological systems.

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Margaryan & Eriksson, 2023

Margaryan, L. & Eriksson, A. (2023) "Chapter 7 ‘Invisible’ impacts and hybrid spaces of nature based events, the case of a trail running marathon Fjällmaraton in Sweden" In: Ziakas, V. & Getz, D. (ed) . Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/978-1-915097-34-7-5409


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