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Tracking Tourists

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635383-4277

ISBN: 9781911635383

Published: Nov 2020

Component type: book



Unlike previous texts that have focussed on migratory patterns of tourists and new mobilities in tourism, Tracking Tourists: Movement and mobility is the first text to address tourist movement in from a methodological angle in the post-digital era. It assesses how movement and migration has been recorded in the past, how it may be recorded and assessed now and the possibilities for exploring movement in the future.

Using international case studies that are both current and historical, it explores the range of options that exist for assessing tourists’ movement, along with the relative merits of each method. It will give a special focus to new technologies that facilitate our understanding of movement, such as the use of big data, hashtag scraping, Wi-Fi tracking, farming data from mobile phone towers and cutting-edge GPS tracking. It discusses the positive and negative consequences of the use of these new technologies and tackles issues such as ethical dilemmas and future trends and technology needs.

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Hardy, 2020

Hardy, A. (2020) Tracking Tourists. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/9781911635383-4277


Chapter 1 Introduction (Hardy)

Chapter 2 The Ethics of Tracking (Hardy)

Chapter 3 Understanding Tourists’ Movement via Survey Research (Hardy)

Chapter 4 Tracking Using GPS Technology (Hardy)

Chapter 5 Tracking via Geotagged Social Media Data (Hardy)

Chapter 6 Tracking via Volunteered Geographic Information (Hardy)

Chapter 7 Mobile Phone Tower Tracking (Hardy)

Chapter 8 Tracking via Bluetooth and Wi Fi (Hardy)

Chapter 9 Tracking via Bespoke Research Apps (Hardy)

Chapter 10 Tracking Tourists’ Mobility via the Internet (Hardy)

Chapter 11 The Future of Tracking Tourists’ Behaviour and Mobility (Hardy)


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