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Low Carbon Mobility Transitions

DOI: 10.23912/978-1-910158-64-7-2847

ISBN: 978-1-910158-64-7

Published: November 2016

Component type: book



The first edited collection to examine how we can transition to a future of low carbon methods of travel and mobility.

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Hopkins & Higham, 2016

Hopkins, D. & Higham, J. (2016) Low Carbon Mobility Transitions. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/978-1-910158-64-7-2847


Chapter 1 Transitioning to Low Carbon Mobility (Hopkins & Higham)

Chapter 2 Knowledge Co production and Behavioural Change, Collaborative approaches for promoting low carbon mobility (Barr & Shaw)

Chapter 3 Generational Mobilities, Transitions for the millennial generation (Delbosc)

Chapter 4 Optimising Low Carbon Mobility for Health and Equity (Macmillan & Mackie)

Case Study 4 Low carbon transition – potentials and limitations for tour operators (Stroebel)

Chapter 5 Hypermobile Business and Leisure Lifestyles, will wellbeing concerns stimulate environmental co benefits (Cohen)

Chapter 6 The Challenges of Changing the Paradigms, Regimes and Structures of Low Carbon Mobility (Hall)

Chapter 7 Institutions, Path Dependency and Public Transport (Imran & Pearce)

Chapter 8 The Structures of Mobility and Challenges of Low Carbon Transitions in India (Joshi, Joseph & Chandran)

Chapter 9 Low Carbon Transition in Finnish Mobility, The clash of experimental transport governance and established practices (Kivimaa & Temmes)

Chapter 10 The Underlying Structures of Low Carbon Mobility (Newman)

Case Study 1 The low carbon mobilities of Chinese migrant communities in Sydney, Australia (Kerr, Klocker & Waitt)

Chapter 11 The Constrained Governance of Socio technical Transitions, Evidence from electric mobility in Scotland (Morton & Beeton)

Chapter 12 Innovations to Transform Personal Mobility (Schwanen)

Chapter 13 Interrelationships of Internet Technologies and Transport Behaviour (Gossling)

Chapter 14 Aeromobilities in Transition, From quick and dirty to slow and sexy (Bongaerts, Nawijn, Eijgelaar & Peeters)

Chapter 15 Low Carbon Mobility, Urgent futures and radical transitions (Higham & Hopkins)

Case Study 2 Opening Cape Town streets for a low carbon future (Seeliger & Kane)

Case Study 3 Why the car is key to low carbon mobility in Brazil (Kuhnimhof & Weiss)

Case Study 5 Low carbon mobility transitions in China (Tyfield & Zuev)

Case Study 6 Achieving a low carbon transition in Japan, the role of motor vehicle lifetime (Kagawa, Nishijima & Nakamoto)


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