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Neolocalism and Tourism

Understanding a Global Movement

Linda Ingram, Susan Slocum, Christina Cavaliere

ISBN: 9781911635604 HBK; 9781911635611 eBook
DOI: 10.23912/9781911635604-4287

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Neolocalism and Tourism: Understanding a Global Movement is the first comprehensive analysis of neolocalism in the tourism context and provides a forum to discuss the latest developments, trends, and research involving tourism and neolocalism, as well as exploring new areas for consideration.

Synergies between neolocalism and tourism can contribute to a greater understanding of the complexities of sustainability through increases in community involvement, which enhances local pride and local sourcing. The role of local production, distribution, and consumption can link people to landscapes and contribute to a deeper understanding of sense of place, which in turns garners support for local enterprises and local causes.

This edited collection:
  • Outlines the theory of neolocalism and features neolocalism in relation to tourism;
  • Brings a new level of scrutiny to the stand-alone concept of “neolocal” as a rising phenomenon in sustainable tourism development and tourism product development studies;
  • Highlights the versatility and innovating applications of neolocalism within the wider tourism debate; and
  • Contains international contributions and examples (both applied and conceptual) from global experts.

Publication: Sept 2020

About the authors

Linda J. Ingram PhD, Adjunct Professor, School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism, George Mason University, USA
Susan L. Slocum PhD, Associate Professor, Tourism and Event Management, George Mason University, USA
Christina T. Cavaliere PhD, Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Colorado State University.

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