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Tourism’s New Markets

Drivers, details and directions

Philip Pearce, Antónia Correia

ISBN: 9781911635628 HBK; 9781911635635 PBK; 9781911635642 eBook
DOI: 10.23912/9781911635628-4294

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Tourism is facing new challenges. The number of tourists in the world is increasing, new segments are emerging and their flows are shifting. Tourism’s New Markets: Drivers, details and directions explores these new segments and markets and all their different needs, interests and cultures. Emerging markets are in countries with an increasing economic performance (such as Asia and the Middle East) and with the largest populations (including India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico)and it is expected that other emerging source markets will add to those recently observed from the giants (China and Russian Federation) as major tourist newcomers.

Changes such as an ageing population, the growth of megalopolises and the decline of the traditional nuclear family lead to the creation of new market segments, all which have new interests and demands. This edited volume looks at the consumer needs of seniors, millennials, pleasure tourists, singleton tourists, Muslim travellers, nationality based cohorts as well as cross-generational segments, luxury travel and unique special interest groups amongst others. With contributions from international experts in the field, Tourism’s New Markets: Drivers, details and directions provides a research-led perspective to:
  • Explore and understand emerging markets and segments
  • Identify the most effective marketing strategies to build emerging markets and segments
  • Create a body of knowledge that shapes the boundaries of marketing to reach an orientalised and market perspective
  • Compare developing markets with emerging ones
  • Offer a global perspective of marketing and tourists’ behaviours and build a comparative framework of developed and emerging markets
  • Develop a new research framework to excel in emerging markets

A must have volume for higher level undergraduates, graduate students and practitioners in the fields of tourism, it is contextualised throughout with international case studies and examples to provide a real world perspective.

Part of the Advances in Tourism Marketing series: cutting-edge research-informed edited books that introduce the reader to a range of contemporary marketing phenomena in the domain of travel and tourism. Authored by leading academics in their fields of research interest, each book brings together a selection of related themes with individual chapters contributing theoretical, methodological, policy-related and/or practical outcomes for the reader. Series editors: Alan Fyall, UCF, USA, Metin Kozak, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey and Antónia Correia, Universidade do Algarve and Universidade Europeia, Portugal.

About the authors

Professor Philip Pearce, Foundation Professor of Tourism, Distinguished Professor
College of Business, Law & Governance, James Cook University, Australia, and Antónia Correia, Ph.D., Professor of Tourist Behaviour and Tourism Economics, University of Algarve and Dean at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at Universidade Europeia, Portugal

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