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Crisis Management and Recovery for Events: Impacts and Strategies

DOI: 10.23912/9781911635901-4692

ISBN: 9781911635901

Published: April 2021

Component type: book



Reveals how to effectively manage events in times of crisis, and leveraging events for post-disaster recovery. The volume brings together theoretical and practical insights in order to set up a robust ground for effective crisis management and recovery strategies of events.

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Ziakas, Antchak & Getz, 2021

Ziakas, V., Antchak, V. & Getz, D. (2021) Crisis Management and Recovery for Events: Impacts and Strategies. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers http://dx.doi.org/10.23912/9781911635901-4692


Chapter 1 Theoretical Perspectives of Crisis Management and Recovery for Events (Vassilios Ziakas, Vladimir Antchak and Donald Getz) (Ziakas, Antchak & Getz)

Chapter 2 Crisis The Juncture of Stability and Development (William O’Toole) (O’Toole)

Chapter 3 From Risk to Resilience Contemporary Issues in Event Risk Management (Peter Ashwin) (Ashwin)

Chapter 4 Stakeholder Management (Donald Getz) (Getz)

Chapter 5 Events Employment Crises’ Impacts and Resolutions (Richard N S Robinson and Yawei Jiang) (Robinson & Jiang)

Chapter 6 Redesigning Events in the Post COVID 19 Crisis A Design Thinking Approach (Kom Campiranon) (Campiranon)

Chapter 7 The Future of Events will be Hybrid (Tim Brown) (Brown)

Chapter 8 Response and Recovery through Event Portfolio Management A Case Study from Des Moines, Iowa (Smita Singh and Eric D Olson) (Singh & Olson)

Chapter 9 Swedish Sports Clubs and Events during the Covid 19 Pandemic Impacts and Responses (John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg, Robert Pettersson and Malin Zillinger) (Armbrecht, Lundberg, Pettersson & Zillinger)

Chapter 10 A Chronicle of Event Postponement and Reorganization Coming Back Stronger (Danai Varveri and Vassilios Ziakas) (Varveri & Ziakas)

Chapter 11 Agility in the Events Sector A Case Study of a Business Event in Finland (Valentina Gorchakova and Ekaterina Berdysheva) (Gorchakova & Berdysheva)

Chapter 12 Crisis Management and Recovery for Events Issues and Directions (Vassilios Ziakas, Vladimir Antchak and Donald Getz) (Ziakas, Antchak & Getz)


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